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Flavor Breakdown

Strength / Body

Earthy - Tea - Eucalyptus - Hummace - Peat

Woody - Birch - Cedar - Clove - Eucalyptus - Fir - Oak - Sandalwood - Green Wood - Dry Wood - Pine Wood - Moist Wood - Rotting Wood - Shavings

Leafy - Green Leaves - Lawn Clippings - Fir Trees - Pine Nuts

Grassy - Hay-Like (Hay) - Dry Hay (Hay) - Mown Hay (Hay) - Straw - Cherry - Field Grass - Mulch - Sage - Wet Grass

Nutty - Almond - Hazelnut - Chestnut - Roasted Nuts

Roasted - Brioche (Light) - Caramel (Medium) - Coffee (Strong) - Toasty (Strong) - Smoked (Very Strong) - Burnt Coffee (Very Strong) - Burnt Sugar (Very Strong)

Spicy - Pepper - Red Pepper

Animal - Leather - Meaty - Steak - Ham - Fish - Barns - Horse - Manure - Rancid

Sweetness - Butterscotch - Cinnamon - Creamy - Mint - Rum

Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - Cocoa - Bitter Chocolate

Fruity (Typically Rare) - Apple - Apricot - Banana - Blackberry - Cherry - Lemon - Melon - Orange - Pear - Peach - Plum - Prune - Raspberry - Raisin - Strawberry

Vegetable - Onion - Fern - Cabbage - Celery

Floral / Herbal - Floral Nectar - Flowery - Lilac - Rose - Tea - Violet - Wild Flowers

Chemical - Ammonia - Varnish

Flavor Charts

The following chart was found here:

I did find some reference to the chart on StogeReview as well but none that were readable.


Also found this as well.
It seems to be geared more toward Whiskey though.


Beer Charts
1. Aromatic, Fragrant, Fruity, Floral (ODOR) 0110 Alcoholic 0120 Solvent-like (plastic, can-liner, lacquer) 0130 Estery (banana, apple) 0140 Fruity (citrus, berry, melon, other fruits) 0150 Acetaldehyde 0160 Floral (flowers, roses, perfume, vanilla) 0170 Hoppy

2. Resinous, Nutty, Green, Grassy (ODOR) 0210 Resinous (sawdust, resin, cedar, pine, spruce, seasoned wood) 0220 Nutty (brazil nut, hazelnut, walnut, coconut, sherry-like) 0230 Grassy (fresh-cut grass, straw)

3. Cereal (ODOR) 0310 Grainy (raw grain, husk-like, corn, grits, flour) 0320 Malty 0330 Worty (fresh-wort aroma)

4. Caramelized, Roasted (ODOR) 0410 Caramel (caramel, toffee, treacle, molasses) 0420 Burnt (burnt-sugar)

5. Phenolic (ODOR) 0500 Phenolic (scorched, hospital-like, pharmaceutical, bakelite)

6. Soapy, Fatty, Diacetyl, Oily, Rancid (ODOR) 0610 Fatty Acid (tallowy, goaty, cheesy) 0620 Diacetyl (butter, butterscotch) 0630 Rancid (rancid butter) 0640 Oily (vegetable oil, gasoline, machine oil)

7. Sulfury (ODOR) 0700 Sulfury (rotten egg) 0710 Sulfitic (burnt-match, choking, burnt rubber) 0720 Sulfidic (sewage, natural gas) 0730 Cooked Veg. (overcooked greens, cooked corn) 0740 Yeasty (fresh yeast, meaty)

8. Oxidized, Stale, Musty (ODOR) 0800 Stale (old beer) 0810 Catty (skunky) 0820 Papery (cardboard) 0830 Leathery 0840 Moldy (damp cellar, wet soil)

9. Sour, Acidic (ODOR, TASTE) 0900 Acidic (pungent, sharp) 0910 Acetic (vinegar) 0920 Sour (lactic, sour milk)

10. Sweet (ODOR, TASTE) 1000 Sweet

11. Salty (TASTE) 1100 Salty

12. Bitter (TASTE) 1200 Bitter

13. Mouthfeel (TASTE) 1310 Alkaline 1320 Mouthcoating Mouthfeel (TASTE, ODOR) 1330 Metallic (coins, inky, iron, rusty water, tinny) 1340 Astringent (mouth-puckering, tannin-like, tart) 1350 Powdery (dusty, chalky, particulate) 1360 Carbonation (flat undercarbonated, gassy overcarbonated) 1370 Warming (spicy, alcoholic, winey)

14. Fullness (TASTE, ODOR) 1410 Body (thin, bland, full, viscous, creamy)

Flavor Notes Description

Strength / Body: Scale going from mild to full. Strong should refer to power of the smoke rather than harsh taste.
Creamy: "A mellowing taste that affects all the flavors of the cigar, making them smoother and gentler to taste."
Sweetness: "Sweetness is a sugary taste that makes all the flavors seem sweeter and takes away bitterness from the taste."
Floral / Herbal: "Light floral taste of vegetation, less sweetness and more basic flavors."
Grassy: "Tends to have more sweetness but the same basic flavor profile as floral/herbal."
Spiciness: "As opposed to when the smoke is getting hot, when the flavors seem to bite your tongue slightly and are very powerful."
Woody: "Reminiscent of woody flavors, a slight sweetness but predominantly full deep flavors, with some richness."
Chocolate: "Chocolate is a taste that combines chocolaty tastes with sweetness."
Cocoa: "Cocoa has the same sort of chocolaty tastes as Chocolate, but with none of the evident sweetness-a more roasted bitter edge instead."
Earthy: "Reminiscent of wet earth but in a good way. A gentle but full flavor with lots of natural flavors but no sweetness, sharpness or bitterness."
Fruity: "A predominantly sweet taste that has few earthy musty flavors, instead having predominantly light natural flavors."
Nutty: "Very little sweetness, plenty of roast flavors combined with a typical nut flavor."
Pepper: "Pepper is a powerful sharp taste that often combines with a spicy taste in cigar."
Red Pepper: "As distinct from Pepper, red pepper introduces a sweetness to the spicy taste."
Coffee: "A roasted taste that brings together a good bitterness and coffee flavors."
Caramel: "Caramel is the sweet aspect of roasted flavors. When you can taste rich roasted flavors but with a definite sweetness."
Leather: "Leather is a slightly sharp natural taste that has no roasted components or sweetness to it but neither has an earthiness in it."
Cedar: "A sweet taste that lies somewhere between wood and fruit in that it has neither the deep rich flavors of wood nor the very sweet tones of fruit. More of a light wood flavor with a definite sweet edge."
This was found off a rating sheet from: